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Critco is now a formidable force in the single-use (disposable) trade with over 38 years of business experience. Through the years, we’ve developed a range of eco-friendly, high quality and affordable packaging options for businesses of all sizes.

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Our Eco Friendly Brand

Mission Statement

Our beautiful planet is now at a crossroads, whether we continue to pollute it with non degradable plastic or change our ways and adopt sustainable packaging options.
Thus, Critco’s contribution is to provide the highest quality bio-degradable and recyclable packaging to protect our Earth and preserve it for future generations

Our Clients


In the present turbulent environment, it was a pleasure working with M/S Critco since they were quite prompt in their deliveries and were so flexible doing so by helping us out even on Holidays. Hence, we really appreciate their services and take this opportunity to wish them well in their future endeavors.

Rienzie Fernando Head of Procurement

Our go to place for buying takeaway cups and Black straws for our restaurant.  They always provide a professional service and quality products with on time delivery.

R A B Chathuranga Director
We have used Critco for the past 3 years and have been very happy with their range of sustainable packaging options. Their products have made us able to successfully commence a delivery service and have environmentally sustainable packaging. They have been reliable, fast and trustworthy to deal with.  Niall Ower Company Director

Critco Lanka are the go-to supplier for our business for any sort of packaging. They provide instant and very reliable services. The quality of their products are top notch and we have been using their products for years now. They have a wide range of selections of the products you may need, and always have large quantities ready in stock. They also deliver instantaneously after order is made. I will definitely recommend Critco for anyone who has requirements for packaging that is reliable and are looking for a top-notch service.

Mr. Amrith Ganeshmoorthy Assistant Manager


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